Immigration and Citizenship


The Canadian government encourages immigration to Canada. However, the process of obtaining any kind of visa (visitor, student, foreign worker) or permanent residence is not necessarily straight-forwardEmma Andrews Law Firm deals with all areas of immigration to Canada. Whether you are outside Canada trying to get in, or inside Canada wanting to stay here,  Emma Andrews Law Firm is committed to assist you with Canadian immigration laws.

Canadian immigration laws and policies continue to evolve.  The immigration process is complex and often requires a strategic approach.  Emma can help you navigate through the immigration process.

Emma’s personal, professional, and volunteer experience has sensitized her to the needs and concerns of immigrants from Latin America and from around the world. Her background in Canadian immigration and citizenship issues provides her with the legal skills and knowledge that help make the immigrant’s dream of living in Canada a reality. Through the years Emma Andrews Law Firm has been assisting immigrants in the following immigration categories:

Economic Class

Under this category, a person can immigrate as an investor, professional or skilled tradesperson. Emma Andrews Law Firm can help you to explore your options. We can assist you to understand how Canadian law can be used to fulfill your goal of immigrating to Canada and to make things happen.

Family Class

Traditionally, Canadian immigration policies have promoted family reunification.

Canadian citizens or permanent residents have the right to sponsor a member of their family who is living abroad for permanent residence. The immigration sponsorship categories include the following family members:

  • Spouses or common law partners
  • Dependent children under the age of 22, or older if the child is a student or permanently disabled
  • Orphaned minor siblings, nephews, nieces or grandchildren
  • Adopted children

Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

The general rule is that people who want to emigrate to Canada must apply for permanent residence from outside of Canada. However, in certain circumstances, people can be exempted from this rule and are allowed to apply for permanent residence from within Canada due to humanitarian and compassionate considerations. Emma has experience with this type of application and will be glad to assist you.

Visitors – Students – Temporary Residents Visas

Emma also assists clients with temporary visas such as visitor, work and student visas.

Sometimes a temporary resident permit is required because the applicant has been found to be inadmissible to enter Canada. We can help.

Remaining in Canada

If you want to extend your stay, Emma Andrews Law Firm will be glad to assist you.

If your visa has expired and you no longer have legal immigration status in Canada, Emma Andrews Law Firm may be able to assist you in reinstating your status.

Cases that require representation before tribunals.

Emma Andrews also represents clients before the following tribunals.

  • Refugee Protection Division – Canada provides protection to people who are Convention refugees or in need of protection. The process of applying for this kind of protection is complicated  and it is vital to be represented by a lawyer.
  • Immigration Division – Emma Andrews Law Firm represents clients in situations when the person has been detained or there are allegations of inadmissibility.
  • Immigration Appeal Division – we represent clients in cases where sponsorship applications of family members have been denied, and where permanent residents or convention refugees have been found to be inadmissible.
  • Federal Court – we represent clients in Federal Court when their applications have been denied.


To become a Canadian citizen a person must first become a permanent resident of Canada and live in Canada for three of the past four years. We encourage our clients to become Canadian citizens so they can enjoy the rights and privileges of a citizen such as to vote and to hold a Canadian passport.